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Well, you wanna know how it all started?  ^_^
The story of Candy Candy starts off with a baby who was found by Sister Lyn and Miss Pony on the doorstep of an orphanage called pony's home one night.  They found out her name was Candice, but since she was found on a snowy evening, they called her Candice White, Candy for short.
Well, Candy basically grew up there.  While she was there she met a girl name Annie who was her age and they became best friends.  Candy and Annie both wished for parents, and one day, Annie's wish came true.
Annie was adopted when they were 6.  Candy and Annie both swore to keep in touch, until one day, Annie sent her a letter stating that her parents wanted her to start all over again and forget about her past, which meant, to not keep in touch with Candy anymore.
Well, Candy was sad, and I was sad too when a watched this part.  Anyways, Candy went to a hill to cry, until..
Someone came up behind her, and cheered her up.  It was a boy in a scottish outfit with a bagpipe.  Well, he cheered her up and she was happy again, and when Annie's letter blew away, Candy went to catch it, but when she looked back, the boy was gone..  but..  He left her a medallion which had the letter A printed on it.
Well...    She called him her prince on the hill.
One day Candy was adopted by the Lokas.
The Lokas told her that they needed a playmate for their children, Liza and neil.  Apparently, Liza and neil wasn't exactly looking for a playmate, so to make things worse, they teased Candy and do these evil things to her.. Candy was refered as the stable girl to them. Candy got in many fights with Neil and Liza, and whenever that happens, the Lokas just gave Candy more chores!
One day, when Candy was crying, she ran far away from the Loka's Home, and cried in front of a gate..  Then, she met a boy that resembeled her prince on the hill, but was not.  He was younger.  The boy cheered her up and dissapeared just like the prince.   She then met Archie and Stear, who were brothers.
One day, Candy hung out with Archie and Stear, and met that boy that was in front of the gate.  They were all dressed in a scottish outfit, and was all holding a bagpipe.  She then found out that his name was Anthony.
Anthony, Archie, and Stear grew close to Candy and they were all very good friends..  Especially Anthony..
Apparently, the 3 boys lived with this evil old woman called Grandma Aylo.  I hate her, so I call her the old witch.  Well, the old Witch didn't like Candy because she was an orphan, and she was always mean to Candy.
Um..  There are many things that happened to Candy, and there are many more characters such as Terry or Albert I haven't metioned..  But I don't really have the time to tell you everything..
If you want to read the manga, I suggest you go to Animec's Candy Candy Site.  You can read the manga with the real scanned pictures from the book.
Sorry about this...
Um, the Back ground is also of Terry and Candy.

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